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Spices embody the aroma of God’s Own Country. Kerala is home to a variety of spices: pepper, vanilla, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and turmeric. The flavour of spices lingers long in one’s tongue and even longer in one’s memory.

Spices shaped Kerala’s tryst with destiny. It was the fragrance of spice that awakened the curiosity of the explorers. Many braved mighty oceans and seas to seek this land out for its veritable treasure. Kerala’s spice trade with the world dates back to the 3rd millennium BCE. The Malabar Coast of Kerala was witness to the arrival of Arabs, Chinese, and European powers like the Portuguese, the French and the British. The spices of Kerala had become the most treasured and traded commodity.


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We’ve worked with Earthling Team on a number of collaborations over the years, we really enjoy working with the Earthling team because of their professionalism and exceptional high standards to the quality of their products.

Glen Jesil

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Gave them as presents to my two sons who both love to cook they really liked them and the fact I could pick the spices and salts from a selection meant you are not left with one that you didn't want just to get the rest in the pack

Kunjee Basheer


Just received my first order from Earthling Spices. Could smell the spices as soon as they came through the door. Amazing stuff and highly recommended. Thank-you for the spices you sent,, can't wait to get cooking with them.

Xavi Varkey